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Since 1936 Harris has proven to be a leading source for industrial reliability and industrial solutions resulting in customer's satisfaction.  We provide a knowledgeable and diversified engineering and sales team to meet and exceed the industry's needs. Our clients are our focus and by offering a diversified portfolio of products and services, they can feel confident that we provide peace of mind when it comes to their industrial needs.  From compressed air to forklifts and from minor repairs to turnkey engineered solutions, Harris Equipment is the right choice when reliability and uptime is what you need.

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Harris Vacuum and Blower Division
Harris Airend Rebuilding Division

       Harris Equipment Named

Authorized Service Center for the Midwest

Harris Equipment Offers Airend Rebuilding Services with 5 year Airend Warranty
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At Harris Equipment we understand that replacing an air compressor in it's entirety isn't always an option.  Most companies will suggest that you replace the whole unit when the airend starts to make a noise.  The associated costs of replacing the whole air compressor can add up quick.  From upgrading the electrical service to modifying the piping to receive the new unit, these are all added costs.  Not to mention the labor to remove the old unit and  install the new unit.  Just because you start to hear a "growl" or suspect that a bearing is going out in the airend, doesn't mean that it's time to replace the whole air compressor. Consider rebuilding the airend.  At Harris Equipment, we can rebuild the airend and send it back to you with an assurance that you will be up and running with minimal costs.

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Rebuilt Compressor Program
What Our Customers Say
Harris Equipment on the Job
5 Year Airend Warranty
We will rebuild your compressor, test and return it back to you running and looking like new.  The unit will carry a like new warranty of 1 year bumper to bumper and 5 years on the airend. Click below to receive more information 

“Hi Phil!
Good morning!
Just wanted to extend a huge THANKS to you, JP, Harris and your techs, for helping me out with the troubles that we encountered recently with our compressor issues (due to frigid temps) Everyone certainly went to the extremes to provide us with world class help, assistance, service and knowledge, again, preventing us from experiencing any type of loss of Productivity in the factory.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.... Thank you for being a monumental key member of my TEAM!!
Steve “

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Largest Comprehensive Compressed Air Solution Provider in the Midwest
Critical Numbers

Air Compressor / Air Dryer Service:            708-343-0866 ext. 302 / 113


Air Compressor Parts / Dryer Filters:           708-343-0866 ext. 126 / 124


Blower / Vacuum Parts and Service:            708-343-0866 ext. 124 / 127


Customer Service                                      708-343-0866 ext. 111


After Hours Emergency Service: 708-343-0866 & Follow Prompt




John Pedersen       847-833-1732 (Cell)

John Hinkel            224-577-3260 (Cell)


Phil Kruger            847-833-1759 (Cell)

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