At Harris Equipment, our trained field service team is prepared to partner with you in your most critical operational needs. From compressed air applications to material handling solutions, Harris’ service expertise includes air compressors, positive displacement blowers, air dryers, vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, and forklifts.


Scheduled Filter / Oil Change Services all Manufacturers

                  -Rotary Screw Air Compressors

                  -Reciprocating Air Compressors

                  -Air Dryers (Refrigerated and Desiccant)


Emergency / Breakdown Services

                  -We stock thousands of parts

                  -Service Vans stocked with standard items

                  -Strategically located service techs for quick response

                  -Rental Air Compressors


Predictive Maintenance Services

                  -Oil Analysis

                  -Vibration Analysis

                  -Laser Alignment


Training Classes

                  -On Site

                  -Hands on Training

                  -Practical information

Harris Equipment is a service company.  Providing reliabilty since 1936, our service team can provide basic filter and oil changes to complex electrical trouble shooting for all of your compressor and blower needs