Compressor /  Air End Rebuilding

Harris Equipment has built a reputation for providing proven reliability with our completely rebuilt rotary screw air compressors.  From just the air end to a complete rebuild of your rotary screw air compressor, Harris equipment boldly places a 5 year air end warranty on our workmanship if all oil and filters are purchased through Harris Equipment.

 -Compressor Received


      -Unit Disassembled


            -All Components Inspected


                  -Air End Disassembled


                        -Air End Repaired / Machined


                             -All Clearances Inspected and Set


                                    -Unit Reassembled


                                       -New Components Replaced


                                             -Unit Painted


                                                 -Unit Tested


                                                                                                                                                  -Units Crated


                                                         - Unit Shipped

If you are in need of a new compressor, a Harris Equipment Rebuilt Air Compressor with a 5 Year Air End Warranty may be a better fit.  Please call us with any questions or for a free estimate